This capability has proved an important differentiator as the company has developed and offers a real benefit to customers looking for parts with a lean supply chain. A variety of plating and painting finishes are detailed below.

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NADCAP Aerospace Quality System (AC7004)

Anodising (Decorative) to Mil-A-8625 type II
An electro process used to produce durable and decorative finishes on components made of aluminium or aluminium based alloys.

Anodising (Hard) to Mil-A-8625 type III
Covering a variety of techniques produces hard anodic oxide coating, good wear resistance and corrosion resistant properties. Coatings have particular advantages of light weight and hardness for engineering applications.

Alochrome 03-18 Mil-C-5541 type I class 3
Generally used aluminium treatment in 1200 and 1000 grades. Extensively used in electronics industry to provide corrosion resistance and surface protection.

Electroless Nickel ISO 4527, Ams2404F
Electroless nickel has a singular range of properties. The main applications being with complex machined products where a uniform coating hardness and corrosion resistance are vital. Electroless nickel will penetrate blind holes and can be controlled to +/- 2 microns. Typical applications are precision components where tolerances are vital. The plating is able to absorb electromagnetic interference and is commonly used in the telecommunications and electronics industries.

Silver 03-09
Silver has high thermal conductivity and the lowest electrical resistance of any metal at normal temperatures. Main applications include electronics, military and aerospace.

Gold to 03-17
Gold does not oxidise in air ensuring long term uniformity over long periods of conductivity. In addition the plating ensures good corrosion resistance and solderability. Gold is commonly used in plating objects within space, military and aerospace applications.

Other finishes provided
Wet spray painting.

Additional services
Masking using a variety of Media including tapes and laquers.

N.D.T Inspection
To ensure quality of product x-ray flourescence thickness measuring equipment is employed. Other techniques commonly employed include visual microscope and adhesion testing.

Last modified: 11th November 2016