WPE products are used worldwide in Communications, Military, Space, Aerospace and Medical markets.
Let WPE partner you to develop an INPAC Package to suit your needs.

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  • WPE produces a series of hermetic packages having a range of properties to suit specific application requirements.
    Including Lightweight, High Efficiency and Thermal performance, to meet the demanding ever-changing needs of the microelectronics industry.
  • The INPAC products can be made from selective materials to match performance requirements dictated by the application.
  • INPAC packages can be designed for high frequency impedance matching, DC circuits or combinations of both.
  • INPAC packages can be hermetically lid sealed by resistance or laser welding and are compatible with industry standard sealing systems.
  • Materials can be designed to accommodate substrate and post substrate sub-assembly, a variety of interconnection technologies, including multi-cavity, and variable CTE configurations over a wide range of operationg temperatures to minimise induced thermal stresses.
  • INPAC packages can be supplied with various accoutrements, including laser sealed connectors, optical lens and glass windows.

Last modified: 11th November 2016