Job Title                           MANUFACTURING MANAGER (MACHINING)

Purpose of Role:          To plan, direct and coordinate manufacturing activities to increase thru put and to reduce inventory and operation expenses, ensuring the Master Production Schedule (MPS) is met on daily basis. To provide recommendations for eliminating capacity constraints and provide capacity estimates for all work centres. To deliver Company Vision, Mission, Values and strategic goals.


Reporting To Operations Manager
Working pattern Day shift, however, may have to work shifts as and when required to meet business objectives
Location WPE premises Glasgow. Travel, as/when required.
Key Responsibilities ·       Direct manufacturing processes for efficient operation at the lowest cost, consistent with quality standards, volume requirements, production schedules and delivery dates

·       Provide guidance in safety, training, quality, productivity, and continuous improvement for workers in these processes

·       Review processing schedules or production orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, or duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints

·       Ensure that reporting positions are staffed by competent personnel and that their abilities are identified, developed and utilized

·       Supervise and motivate team; review performance; identify training needs, maintain training records; allocate overtime; manage vacation scheduling

·       Ensure adherence to Job-card procedures at all times

·       Create daily, weekly & monthly work lists

·       Ensure all tools, necessary to enable all personnel to carry out their delegated duties, are maintained

·       Ensure safe working procedures and good house-keeping practices are adhered to at all times

·       Develop or implement production tracking systems, analysing production, quality control, maintenance, or other operational reports, to detect production problems

·       Manage control of standards through documented records, including job card completion, support AS91000 QMS

·       Prepare and maintain production reports

·       Review operations and confer with technical or administrative staff to resolve production or processing problems

·       Contribute to various meetings weekly to ensure good communications

·       Present KPIs demonstrating production target v actual, capital utilisation against cost model targets

·       Set and monitor product standards, examine samples of products or direct testing during processing, to ensure finished products are of prescribed quality

·       Coordinate or recommend procedures for facility or equipment maintenance or modification, including the replacement of machines

·       Ensure that sufficient time is made available in the schedule to allow for machine maintenance

·       Cooperate with engineering regarding new tools and machinery

·       Schedule time on work centres for tool try-out and sample manufacture

·       Exhibits a respectful and cooperative attitude toward other personnel

·       Conscientious and thorough discharge of duties and responsibilities

·       Participates in the company-wide Continuous Improvement Process by submitting improvement contributions to the suggestion scheme

·       Follows the guidelines and rules as set out in the Employee Handbook and company policies

·       Adheres to and must follow the 5 “S” programme, by keeping the workplace clean and tidy




·       Coach & develop immediate team to meet business needs, whilst ensuring their own development in any role reporting to the Machining/Manufacturing Manager

·       People Management (RTW, discipline, Appraisals, etc.)

Relationship Management ·       Reports directly to Operations Manager and is responsible to him and is accountable to him for effective discharge of responsibilities

·       Strong relationship with Managers in other Departments including Procurement, Accounts Management, Engineering and Quality to ensure On Time Delivery

Self-Management ·       Support, comply and ensure complicity with Health & Safety regulations, the Company Handbook, Quality and Environmental standards, and all other Company policies and procedures

·       Proactively contribute to creating a good team atmosphere

·       Makes useful links to arrive at insightful plans and solutions

·       Embraces personal challenge  Confident, rounded thinking

·       Takes ownership for team cohesion and team development

·       Is self-aware, is resilient, optimistic and open to change

·       Has a professional, collaborative approach to others

·       A self-starter, motivated and able to positively motivate others

·       Focused target driven with a positive, can-do attitude

·        Stay calm under pressure

·       Timely Decision Making

Qualifications & Experience Levels ·       Education: Degree in Management/Engineering or equivalent relevant experience.

·       Experience: 2+ years management experience in an industrial setting